Zignaly Review: A New Age Crypto Bot?

Crypto markets always have a high degree of volatility, and these changes in market prices can only be exploited if you’re fully alert and on your toes 24×7. Well, not anymore. Trading bots can automatically perform these transactions on your behalf once you create a strategy, thereby helping you extract huge benefits.

These bots are engineered with algorithms that analyze strategies on the basis of market patterns. With a round the clock curation, the bot takes the correct decisions on the investments you allow. For all types of traders, this bot has proved to be efficient, smart and reliable. 

Such automated trading bots like Zignaly exploit the market’s volatility by increasing the frequency of trading, making it more prone to profits than losses. Here’s a detailed Zignaly review to help you know more:

What is Zignaly?

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Zignaly was founded in Madrid, Spain, in 2018 by two founders  David Coronado and Bartolome Bordallo. This company was made to offer a cloud-based service that allows day traders to connect to different crypto exchanges through API and place trading orders automatically.

Zignaly is an automated crypto trading bot which takes its data from external crypto signal providers and allows cryptocurrency investors to trade automatically. It has been launched recently and is currently at its beta phase of testing. 

Zignaly connects to your TradingView account to obtain trading indicators. Alternately, you could also use their own trading terminal. It currently supports over 21 signal providers, including Mining Hamster Signals and Crypto Quality Signals. 



Zignaly Review 2020: What’s in Store?

Although Zignaly is still in its beta testing phase, it has an attractive set of features that make it different from the rest:

1) Cloud-Based Interface

The cloud-based interface makes your entire trading experience hassle-free. Because of this, you don’t need to worry about software updates and problems you face on the system. 

You can also access the Zignaly platform from anywhere in the world as long as you have a mobile, internet, or a desktop. Any changes that you make are automatically updated on the cloud and reflected throughout.

2) Trailing Stop Loss

This popular trading strategy has proved useful for traders by helping them minimize their losses and maximize profits. Although it isn’t available in most crypto exchanges, you can easily incorporate trailing stop loss with Zignaly.

When the price of a cryptocurrency goes up, it follows and buys it till a point where it reaches a price reversal, and begins selling your coins as soon as the prices start falling. This strategy ensures that you don’t face losses on the downside and enjoy the upside of the cryptomarket.

3) Crypto Signals

Zignaly features third-party signalers. These signalers are actually people who study the market volatility and fluctuation and predict the next profit and loss of the users investment. Signals can be utilized to make new strategies and pre-determine the situation of any stock and market.

You can easily access many Buy/Sell signals from a number of legitimate third-party providers. You can also experiment with various different signals to check which ones work best for you and yields better results.

4) Freedom to trade

Despite being a new company, there are certain things Zignaly does right. One of the main features of Zignaly is that it has no limitations on trading any currency on the platform with every pair that’s available.

Not many bots out there provide such a facility, but considering the fact that this feature was first introduced in Zignaly’s beta, this bot is really something to invest in.

5) TradeView bot

Zignaly also offers its users with a TradeView bot. This bot allows you to send your own signals with the help of the indicators available. So you can provide strategies and insights to your investments. 

With the above features, Zignaly is also known for its safety. This assurance has come from users themselves. Reviews claimed that Zignaly has a user-friendly interface and a separate storage for investments. This storage can never be touched by any third-party or hacker. 

Advantages of using Zignaly 

Zignaly, though at its beta version phase, has focused on many features and tools to catch the eye of online investors. Many of these advantages actually line up with the similar advantages of bigger companies.

So, Zignaly has the following advantages:


  1. Purely algorithmic – Zignaly works and functions on strong algorithms. Noting down market patterns and suggesting you the right strategies are two of Zignaly’s major advantages. No stage of your investing process is curated by any human judgement, which makes ZIgnaly a promising bot.
  2. Various reliable signals – The bot makes decisions on the basis of the signals any user allows in his/her strategies. Various signals provided by Zignaly are considered by the algorithm, and after decent analysis from multiple sources, the bot takes the correct decision.
  3. Ongoing trade – This bot is designed in such a way that it continuously trades on your behalf. The user does not have to constantly keep checking on market charts. The software takes care of all unexpected losses and profits. It will react immediately when a sudden drop of your stock occurs, thereby preventing a major loss (all while you’re engaged in some other activity.).
  4. Strategy formation – Zignaly lets you create your own custom strategies and allows you to trade accordingly. This feature is mainly for experienced traders but always comes handy while experimenting.
  5. User-friendly – The Zignaly bot has a simple and understandable interface. New users can easily comprehend the demographics of this software, which guarantees a smooth learning curve. 

Disadvantages of Zignaly


  1. New to the market – Zignaly seemed to have arrived late to the party (perhaps too late). This company has entered the market quite recently and is facing problems with its competitors. Entering the market was tough enough for Zignaly, and now getting users to review and rate the bot is a bit of a stretch. Thus, not many users are going for Zignaly
  2. Beta Version – As mentioned above, Zignaly is relatively new to the market, and the current software version is just a beta. This makes it a bit less reliable for people who require testimonials from trustworthy users.
  3. Risky – Many companies offer a safe strategy for their new users. But Zignaly is known to be a bit risky as it dives head first with its trades. This can be a red flag for rookies, but can equally lead to higher profits unexpectedly.
  4. Zignaly, being a new commor in the market, is certainly devoid of sufficient advantages, but mainly lacks an online community to verify from.

Can We Really Make Money with Zignaly?

Investing is often considered to be a gamble of sorts, especially when there’s an extremely volatile commodity involved (cryptocurrency). The hard truth is that this gamble is confusing. With almost all the rates of coins changing in seconds, it is very tough to manually strategize and earn.

Zignaly was made for one purpose – to make cryptocurrency trade more stable and less tedious for its users. The indicators, signals, and various other tools help the trader taste the sweet fruit of profit.

This bot reported many happy and satisfied users (experienced as well as beginner traders), knowing very well that this is just a beta software. So yes, you can earn money through Zignaly provided you plan and strategize smartly. 

Zignaly Pricing

Zignaly is actually a pretty affordable software. As compared to its competition, the services provided by this company are much cheaper and reasonable, even for a beta version. The pricing is total value for money and gives enough space for the user to offset the subscription fee.

Just at $12 a month, Zignaly promises: 

  • Unlimited exchanges 
  • Unlimited coin pairing
  • Unlimited positions 
  • And Priority support.

The company also states that it will “freeze” this beta price for users who purchase it right away, and will offer the same features (with timely upgrades) for a long period. 



Zignaly Review: Worth the Hype?

Zignaly offers a really good trading platform for users. With a user-friendly interface and great security measures, it is one of the most intriguing bots in the market. 

This bot will take care of all transactions you make and will log your digital assets on its platform. Since it has a cloud-based storage system, the level of security enhances inherently. With heavy players like Mining Hamster Signals and Crypto Quality signals at its disposal, this bot will guarantee a worthwhile experience.

Once the original version is released, many more features and tools will get unveiled. Thus, if you are looking to enter the cryptocurrency trade, then Zingaly is one of the best bots to have by your side.

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