Crypto World Evolution Review: A Scam to Stay Away from?

The ascent of the cryptocurrency market has enabled advancements and innovations in the world of cryptocurrency. The development of cryptocurrency trading bots is one such event that has been an exciting addition into the world, where intelligent bots engage directly in the trade of cryptocurrency on your behalf, and earn profit through this trade as well – all facilitated by algorithms.

Despite the fact that this sector is relatively new and unexplored, there are numerous bots that have swarmed the market, with incredible features to make the lives of traders easier and have therein increased competition intensely between such platforms.

In fact, there are so many bots and platforms available, it can get a little difficult to differentiate between earning through genuine trading and scams that are widespread and entice new traders beginning their journey in the crypto world.

Among the various bots, Crypto World Evolution has grabbed the eye of crypto traders, on account of the unique highlights and features that it has, and furthermore, on account of the claims of high gains and benefits that are being made. This Crypto World Evolution review introduces the bot and takes a look into why Crypto World Evolution has been in the news.

Crypto World Evolution – What’s it?

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The Crypto World Evolution bot is a cryptocurrency trading bot in the market, which has different products available for users on the basis of the “risk level” of traders. It works on the basis of a ‘multi-hybrid’ trading algorithm through the use of APIs to earn profit via microtransactions carried out by the bot on behalf of a trader.

The bot can conduct trade through the exchanges but it isn’t authorized to view details of the account or withdraw any amount without approval. Ideally, this makes the bot a reliable platform in the market with some pretty distinct features. I

f one is willing to take higher risk for higher returns, there is an option available to set the tolerance of risk to high. Other such features have been looked at in this Crypto World Evolution review.

There is also a ‘multi-level marketing program’ that is available on the site, which is definitely a little strange for a trading bot platform. This scheme would allow you to promote the bot on your own in order to generate profits. This is aside from trading of cryptocurrency through the bot.

The program pays a commission to those who promote the product and refer the product to others for use. Sounds a little familiar. Heard of a pyramid scheme? This review will look into whether the platform allows for the generation of gains and profits through trade by the bot, or if it is a scam that promotes the product to generate easy money.


Crypto World Evolution Review: Features

1. Simple Interface

Crypto World Evolution, in comparison to other trading bots available in the market, has an interface which is extremely simple and easy to navigate, as the instructions to do so are on the screen. Guidance is provided as to how to operate the system and how to make the most of the features of the bot through a series of steps that can be accessed at all times. The interface is well designed and it is optimized for high efficiency and productivity across numerous platforms keeping amateurs and newbies of the trade in mind.

2. Live Tracking Feature

Another feature of Crypto World Evolution is that it provides for ‘live tracking’. While other bots may lag while displaying the price of the market, Crypto World Evolution will always be working in sync with the market to ensure that the trade conducted and performed by the bot is live.

3. Expert Advice

A feature which is distinct to Crypto World Evolution is that of expert advice. Experts on the market of cryptocurrency via the panel of the company behind Crypto World Evolution are available to provide advice. There is round the clock advice that is available to users of the product on the basis of a detailed analysis of the market.

Trade recommendations are also provided automatically by the algorithm of the bot. This allows the user to make a decision which is an informed one when taking the volatility of the market as a factor for consideration.

4. Webinars and Educational Tools

Another feature which is unique to Crypto World Evolution is education. There has so far not been any other bot that has education tools available for the users. Webinars are conducted by the company and they assist users to gain new knowledge on cryptocurrency, in addition to information about the bot in specific and how profits may be made.

5. Customer Support

A common feature that is also available on Crypto World Evolution is that technical support is available for the customers 24/7.

The Advantages 

Through this Crypto World Evolution review, the few advantages of Crypto World Evolution that stand out have been discussed.

1. Tolerance level for different risks

The platform allows one to set a tolerance level on the bot with regard to the risk factor that one is most comfortable with. Different risk levels may be chosen by a user dependant on whether one is willing to take high risks, or lower risks to earn profits.

2. Hybrid Option

There is a ‘Hybrid option’ that is available on the bot where an automatic trading bot trades in accordance with instructions that are given to the bot. The bot automatically searches for the values which are the best to buy and sell in but it does not compute it for you unless it reaches a determinate positive value threshold which is approved by the user of the bot.

3. HPSI Product

This is another trading bot that is one of the products of Crypto World Evolution which auto-calculate values and currency changes to reach a positive value point. Upon reaching this point it sells and buys without any instructions. It automatically identifies the low and the high risks markets, which reduces the workload for the user.

The Disadvantages 

While there seem to be a distinctive set of features that are available on the platform through the bot, the entire process and the reviews of the platform do not seem to have a substantial backing. This Crypto World Evolution review looks into the risks and disadvantages of the bot.

1. No creator information provided

No information concerning the creators or developers of the bot has been provided, either on the site or elsewhere. There is no background information regarding the same which also makes the ‘expert advice’ option that is available fairly unreliable as there is no substance or backing to the claims or opinions of the panel of ‘experts’ on the site.

While the experts know the market, they are not the ones who created the product and cannot therefore assist with issues that arise concerning the product in particular. It seems as if the list of experts is given only for the sake of it.

2. No evidence of gains

There is no evidence at all of any gains or profits that have actually been made through the bot by any users. This is rather peculiar as there are a plethora of reviews that promote the product. There being no gains from trade through the bot does not look favorable towards the product.

3. Fake Reviews

The reviews that have been published on Crypto World Evolution seem to be fake. The reviews give the impression that no one has actually used the product or has made gains from the product – as mentioned earlier – and that they are present merely for promotion of the bot and it’s supposed trading capabilities.

4. Low gains through multi-level marketing schemes

While there have been no gains or profits earned through trading by the bot, there have been low gains that can be attributed to multi-level marketing schemes through the plan that is available on the site.

The program allows for promotion of the product to earn profits. The company gives a commission to such individuals who promote the product on their own accord which may motivate individuals to promote the product without actually having used it. This contributes to the number of fake reviews on the product as well.  

5. All Talk

There are numerous reviews but none of the reviews have any backing in the actual use of the product, and they are merely meant to entice one to purchase the product and the different packages that are provided.

6. Potential Ponzi Scheme

Through the reviews, and the analysis and reports of the gains that have been earned in relation to the bot, Crypto World Evolution seems to be a money-making scam with no promise of any returns, let alone the high returns as promised on the site.

Crypto World Evolution: a low-risk investment or a high-risk scam?

When trading through cryptocurrency bots, there have been a considerable number of scams that have been revealed, especially in the last few months with the increasing popularity of crypto trade. Before uncovering these scams, the bots would of course have a number of positive surveys and reviews of the product which makes ascertaining the validity and trustworthiness of a bot more difficult.

Fake reviews and audits are generally adhered to by companies to increase the popularity of the product and spread awareness by luring consumers with benefits that are usually not plausible, especially due to the hyper-volatile nature of the market.

The concerns of such scams increase when there are multi-level marketing programs that are associated with cryptocurrency. As there is no tangible product that exists and is being physically provided by the company in exchange for payment of money, the possibility of such scams is even higher.

Upon visiting the official site of Crypto World Evolution, it may be noted that there is no actual information that is provided as to who is behind the creation and development of Crypto World Evolution. The names that are mentioned on the website have no strong online presence and seem to be fictitious in nature, and there appear to be indications of a company created as a means to collect illegal money.

All you will see are a few experts who are advising on the panel of the company in relation to market conditions, and not even the product. This could imply that no one actually has any knowledge of how the bot originated and who created the bot, which makes it all the more suspicious.

Aside from this, experts in the field of cryptocurrency have published reviews on Crypto World Evolution that bring to light evidence on how Crypto World Evolution is more of a Ponzi scheme than anything else.

Craig MacGregor, the founder and chief engineer of NavCoin, is an established and reputed professional in the market. He is one such individual who reviewed the bot. He uncovered that the profits that were being generated by the bot were quite low and the only way that one was actually able to gain profits at all was through the multi-level marketing schemes which were being offered by the company. The product in itself was making no gains through trading by the bot.

This means that through referrals without anyone even trading through the bot, individuals would be pushed to sign up friends and families for the product and entice others to promote the bot while not actually using the platform.

The features that are provided are also rather intricate and ambitious. Something to note if you’re new to trade in crypto, is that the simplest way to ensure that there is a minimization of chances of you being victim to a scam is by not investing or engaging in any trade or bot which is more complicated than a general ‘buy and hold’ strategy. The key is always to keep it simple.

It is advised that one should carry out research in order to obtain preliminary knowledge about the crypto market. If you are not well-versed with the market of cryptocurrency, not investing in Crypto World Evolution would be a safe way to play the market. It is important that one conducts their own due diligence before investing in any company, especially for a bot in the world of cryptocurrency which is still new and upcoming.

Other secure and safe bots and platforms are available in the market for trade of cryptocurrency.

What’s Recommended? Cryptohopper

A powerful automated crypto trading bot that is available in the market which is reliable as evidenced by over 140,000 traders and which serves as an alternative to Crypto World Evolution, is Cryptohopper.  

The bot has been well-reviewed by actual users of the product and there is ample evidence that is available on the high profits that have been received in direct consequence of trading through Cryptohopper. These reports for the bot serve as due diligence which is significantly more reliable, as several users have earned profits through the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies on the platform.

It also has several advantages not only over Crypto World Evolution but a number of other bots available in the market. A unique feature of Cryptohopper is that it is cloud-based, which is usually not the case for trading bots. The main benefit of using a cloud-based tool such as that of Cryptohopper is that the setting up of the system is as simple as it can get and a stable internet connection does not have to be worried about.

Cryptohopper is also the only crypto trading bot that allows one to subscribe to and trade with external trading signals. This is done through crypto trading groups and market experts. Each signal of the marketplace gives a detailed report of past performances and therein allows one to create a hopper with a single click.

Advantages of Cryptohopper

1. Security

2. Easier to learn

3. Completed cloud based

4. Detailed analysis

5. Optimization

A free trial is also available for Cryptohopper, which gives a sense of assurance before purchase to get a feel of the bot. It is through simple features such as this which build the trust worthiness of a product and allow consumers to be in charge and make an informed decision to purchase a trading bot or not.


Crypto World Evolution has differentiated products that truly stand out and this seems to be the reason as to why it has been in the news. The products are ambitious and have features that aren’t available in other bots yet. While this may, at the outset, seem rather exciting especially for someone who is just beginning, there is reason to exercise caution in such cases. 

Research and reading of reviews by people who are known and established in the field of cryptocurrency is beneficial to a user. Through analysis of the features of the bot, it may be concluded that here have actually been extremely low or no gains that have been earned through trading on the crypto bot. The low gains earned are not even attributed to trade but to marketing schemes.

Taking into consideration such factors, Crypto World Evolution seems to be more of a risk, whether it’s for seasoned investors or those starting out. The promotions and marketing schemes closely resemble pyramid schemes to earn profits and can therein not be recommended for those looking to seriously invest in earning through trade of cryptocurrency.

As a recommendation, Cryptohopper may be suggested, as it has tons of positive reviews and actual users of the bot. There is a free trial and no marketing schemes associated with the bot, that definitely gives the product a higher value in terms of reliability.

In the fiercely competitive technological market of today it is always wise to conduct due diligence on one’s own before purchasing or investing in a product. Everyone is looking for an edge over the others, and honestly there is nothing more exciting than new technology that one could have never anticipated.

It is understandable how one may get a little carried away because of the same. But there are options to test the waters and with the internet that allows you to carry out a full-on FBI investigation into who did what and when, it is simple to read a few reviews to avoid any scams or to make a commitment to investments on digital platforms. 

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