A mobile Bitcoin wallet Apple can't ban.
Send and receive Bitcoins securely from your browser.

Notice: Coinpunk.com is shutting down June 1st, 2015.
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Easy to Use

Simplifies using Bitcoins, so you don't have to be an expert to use Bitcoins.

Safe, Secure

All encryption and transaction signing is done on the web browser, which means it is less susceptible to Bitcoin theft by hackers. Coinpunk now supports Two Factor Authentication, adding extra security. And we're working to improve security all the time.

100% HTML

The user interface is entirely written in HTML with JavaScript, which means that you can run it on all modern browsers and mobile phones.

Mobile Friendly

Uses a responsive web design, so you can use Coinpunk on a phone just as easily as on a desktop. Coinpunk works with all Bitcoin merchants, and it even scans QR codes from the web browser, no native app needed.


Will allow you to see the value of your Bitcoins in multiple currencies, and future support for multiple languages is being planned.

Free and Open Source

Like Bitcoin itself, Coinpunk is 100% open source. If you're a developer, you can add features and improvements and we'll merge them in. If you don't like how we're doing, you can run your own Coinpunk server.

Powered By You

Coinpunk is not a bank. We can't spend your money, we can't loan it out without your consent, and there's no fees (except small miner fees to support the Bitcoin network). We want to simplify and enhance your Bitcoin experience. Coinpunk is powered by you, and is currently donation driven.

If you like this service, help us out! The Coinpunk donations tipjar is 1NkQFWYjADVLNC2to5cSQCCzCf312j1zEJ. And yes, it's powered by Coinpunk.